Troop & Fortification Scripts


Usage: train troop hero
Example: train w:25000 atk

Train 25,000 warriors with the hero called atk as mayor.


Usage: disband troop
Example: disband w:25

Disband 25 warriors.


Usage: healtroops
Example: healtroops

Heal any troops that are in the medic camp.


Usage: dumptroop xxx,yyy condition troops
Example: dumptroop 111,222 a:99000,s:50000 a:20000,s:15000

Dump 20,000 archers and 15,000 scouts to 111,222 when there are at least 99,000 archers and 50,000 scouts in the city.


Usage: cleartroopqueues [remain_count]
Example: cleartroopqueues
cleartroopqueues 2

Used to cancel troop queues, leaving remain_count batches in each barrack.

If no remain_count is provided, all batches except the first in each barrack are removed.


Usage: walldefense DefType Qty [BuildType]
Example: walldefense at 1000
walldefense ab 1000 demo

Used to build or demolish wall defences.


Usage: clearwallqueue [remain count]
Example: clearwallqueue
clearwallqueue 2

Used to cancel fortifications queues, leaving remain_count batches.
If no remain_count is provided, all batches except the first are removed.


Usage: EndKeepTroop
Example: EndKeepTroop

Cancel the KeepTroop command.