Hero Related Scripts


Usage: findhero stat
Example: findHero atk
findHero pol
findHero int

Valid command line arguments for findhero are pol for politics, atk for attack and int for intelligence.

This command will recruit the best hero of the type specified that is available in the inn at the time.


Usage: setMayor stat
Example: setMayor pol
setMayor atk
setMayor int
setMayor remove

Valid arguments for setMayor are pol for politics, atk for attack and int for intelligence.

This command will change your current mayor for one of the specified attribute. It automatically selects the highest level of the attribute that you specify (stat is the label for the attribute argument).
This is very useful when creating, upgrading and demolishing buildings, as you can specify the highest level politic hero you have to go into office. Capturing a level ten and only have a level 9 Feasting hall in one city? You can remove the mayor with this command to make sure he marches with the rest of the troops.


Usage: setMayorbyname HeroName
Example: setMayorbyname ATKATK
setMayorbyname ken
setMayorbyname henry

This command will allow you to specify the Mayor you wish to assign by hero name.


Usage: persuadehero hero
Example: persuadehero ken

Persuade a captured hero ken, the medals required for the persuasion if any are shown in hero tab.


Usage: firehero hero
Example: firehero ken

Used to fire a hero from the feasting hall.

The Hero status must be either idle, mayor, or captured, i.e. is not on a mission away from town.



Used to dismiss a captive hero from the feasting hall.


Usage: getspamhero [management|strategem]
Example: getspamhero
getspamhero management
getspamhero strategem

First example used to get the best attack hero currently available in the inn.
Second example used to get the best politics hero currently available in the inn.
Third example used to get the Highest intelligence hero currently available in the inn.


Usage: changeheroname oldName newName
Example: changeheroname ken henry

Used to rename a hero.


Usage: uplevelhero hero
Example: uplevelhero ken

Used to increase hero's level by 1


Usage: useheroitem hero_name item_name
Example: useheroitem BigGuy on_war
useheroitem BigGuy anabasis

Used to apply hero buffing items to the specified hero.


Usage: awardgold hero
Example: awardgold ken

Used to increase hero loyalty by 5 using a gold reward.



Finds and rewards all heroes with loyalty below 100, using gold.


Usage: waithero hero
Example: waithero ken

Pause script until hero ken is available.


Usage: waitherolost hero1,hero2,…
Example: waitherolost ken,henry

Pause script until one of the heroes specified is captured.